P6 Outdoor Die Cast Rental Series

The P6 outdoor LED module is a particular kind of LED display panel that is appropriate for outside use because to its 6mm pixel pitch. It is the right pick for outdoor advertising, sporting events, and other similar purposes as it was made to withstand severe weather conditions including rain, sun, and severe temperatures. It can display high-quality images and videos with outstanding clarity, even in direct sunlight, because of its superior brightness and contrast. The P6 outdoor LED module, that offers a high refresh rate, a low power requirement, and ease of installation, is a dependable and effective option for displaying digital material in a variety of outdoor environments. The applicability of the P6 indoor and outdoor LED modules for various situations is its primary distinction. The P6 outdoor module is made to survive exposure to the elements like rain, sun, and sweltering heat. It is appropriate for use in outdoor spaces and has a higher level of weather resistance. The P6 outdoor module also offers greater brightness and contrast, making it simpler to view in direct sunshine.


Product : P6 Outdoor Die Cast Rental Series
Brand : BASIL
Type : outdoor
LED Type : SMD Outdoor
Pixel Pitch :P 6
Dimension : 576 X 576 MM
Color : Full Color
Application : Rental
Advantage : Light Weight


Here you can download the specification