P4.8 Outdoor Die Cast Rental Series

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P4.8 Outdoor Rental LED Display

The P 4.8 outdoor LED module is an excellent choice for outdoor advertising and sporting events. This outdoor-friendly LED display panel has a 4.8mm pixel pitch, making it perfect for showcasing high-quality images and videos even in direct sunlight. It's designed to withstand various weather conditions with its weather-resistant components and robust protection against dust and water. When searching for LED video wall manufacturers in India, you'll find that the P 4.8 outdoor LED module stands out as a reliable option. Its high refresh rate ensures smooth video playback, and it has a low power requirement, making it energy-efficient for extended outdoor use. Additionally, its easy-to-install architecture simplifies setup and maintenance, making it a practical choice for a range of outdoor environments. Considering the outdoor LED screen price in India, the P 4.8 module offers a cost-effective solution for businesses and event organizers looking to make a significant impact with their digital content. Whether you're in the field of outdoor advertising or organizing sporting events, this LED screen display is worth considering as it combines durability, image quality, and affordability to meet your needs.


Product : P4.8 Outdoor Die Cast Rental Series
Brand : BASIL
Type : outdoor
LED Type : SMD
Pixel Pitch :P 4.8
Dimension : 576x576 MM
Color : Full Color
Application : Rental
Advantage : Light weight, Low cost servicing


Here you can download the specification