The P6 outdoor providing stellar image quality at the TATA power plant in Delhi's extreme hot and cold weather conditions.

Indian Army (Delhi Base Hospital)

The P2.5 Indoor screen providing its high dynamic colour range at the Indian Army Base Hospital.

Indian Army (Delhi Cant. Army HQ CSO Office RJ Hall)

The P2.5 Indoor screen being used as a desktop screen, showing its dynamic range of uses at the RJ Hall of the Indian Army Delhi HQ.

Aligarh Muslim University

The P2.5 Indoor screen being the go to for almost every indoor setting like being used in educational institutions like the Aligarh Muslim University.

IMS Ghaziabad

The P2.5 being dual screened at IMS Ghaziabad due to its clear and bright image density.,

High Court Jammu and Kashmir

The P8 outdoor screen is a great and economical option for viewing at a larger distance without any problem as being shown at the Jammu & Kashmir High Court.

City Center Mall Guwahati

The P2.5 Indoor screen giving a wide view of its clarity at the City Center Mall Guhwati.

DA Toll Road

The P10 Outdoor screen giving its full projection at huge distances, as shown at the DA Toll Road

Chitrakoot Dham

The P6 Outdoor screen providing bright colours in the night sky at the Chitrakoot Dham, Uttar Pradesh.

Ghaziabad Development Authority

The P6 Outdoor screen being used by government like the Ghaziabad Development Authority due to its high quality imaging.

Himachal Pradesh High Court

The P8 again being used with our government projects due to its high pixel density from a particular distance.

India Meteorological Department

The P6 Outdoor screen shining bright at the Indian Meteorological Department in the night sky of New Delhi.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Pune)

The P6 Outdoor screen at IOCL Pune, displaying its high dynamic range when it comes to a display factor.

CP Delhi

The P8 Outdoor screen providing great image quality on a curved frame in one of the most busiest places of India's capital.

Indian Army (Base Hospital)

The P4.8 Outdoor being our second screen display at the Indian Army Base Hospital due to its exemplary image quality and design that works perfectly in almost any weather condition.


The P10 Outdoor screen being a great viewing panel if the requirement's at huge distances.

Tarak Hospital

The P6 Outdoor being projected in the healthcare department, showing its variety of uses in various demographics.


The P6 Outdoor screen displaying crystal clear text and image irrespective of the weather condition in the city of Bihar.


The P2.5 Indoor being the brightest thing in a room when it comes to high quality media.

The Indian Air Force (Agra Cant.)

The P6 Outdoor giving a clear image in the bright sky at The Indian Air Force quarters in Agra.

Central Leather Research Institute (Chennai)

The P6 being used in government research institutes due to its strength against environmental factors.

Eicher Motors Limited

The P4.8 giving the best quality output image that can be provided for Eicher Motors.


The P3.9 Outdoor shining bright and blue at a Levi's showroom irrespective of being in an Indoor environment.

Bangladesh Embassy

Kan Universal has proudly worked with the Bangladesh Embassy using the P4.8 Outdoor screen to provide them with the best image that can be provided.