Outdoor LED Display Screens

How LED Screen Helps For DOOH?

Using LED Screens for advertising displays allows brands and stores to be seen in order to enhance their reputation, to generate traffic at points of sale. The trick is to put the display at a place where there is crowd accumulation.

Traditional, static marketing approaches are not adequate to leave a footprint on their potential customers. Instead of apply efforts to paper-based advertising; businesses are digitalizing their marketing strategies. The latest market analysis has ascertained that broadcasting advertisements on display screens could be a much more effective and proven approach than conventional marketing printed media such as static boards, newspapers, etc.

In metro cities, every next building wall is covered with a giant LED screen, advertising company products, and services in an extreme passion. Outdoor LED screens are large billboards created to advertise company products and services using a type of promotional video or aid. With each passing day, the need for LED screens is rising. Whether it is for personal or promotional uses, LED screens are reliable, durable, cost-effective, and offer a high ROI with the least maintenance.

Even the LCDs on the portal and household devices are replaced with LEDs. Now companies use outdoor LED display screens for advertising their products and services on public transport, highways, malls, and buildings, etc. If you are planning to buy a feature-rich, extra stable, and durable outdoor LED display screen, you must visit Kan Universal; it will bring a full-stop to your search. Here you can explore an exotic range of all-size LED displays for different purposes and occasions.

Innovative Technology
Kan Universal offers a full range of innovative, reliable LED Solutions like LED Display Module, Control Card, Wire Accessories, Pixel LED, SMD LED, SMPS, and more. Each product is independently tested and backed by the largest engineering and technical support in the industry.
Excellent Sales Support
Kan Universal look forward to attend every email and call and help you with our services. Our aim is to keep you – the customer – happy and our reputation has the testimony that we continue to have years of repetitive customers because it is all about great services a customer requires.
Timely Delivery
Kan Universal understands that it must continuously decrease the quantity of time required to deliver goods to our customers within the dedicated time. Our proficient team is ready and willing to help customers and supply the finest solutions as per our customer’s necessity.

Where The LED Screen Used in Outdoors ?


Advertisement couldn't get any better. Place the screen at a place where public has the maximum access to it and your work is done. HD LED Displays with High Brightness is one of the most crucial features while we talk of the outdoor advertising screen because it should be visible at all times - day and night. Yet, during nighttime, the brightness must be twitched as it could be unsafe for drivers. Kan Universal offers a wide range of high-tech LED display screens to which you can remotely manage and control at your fingertips. It is a worthy investment to buy outdoor LED screens offering the most suitable luminosity index.

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Accessible to the maximum and uses the traffic to generates traffic at points of sale. Water & Weather-Resistant LED Screens is one of the feature of our LED screens.They are specifically created to be weather-resistant. Our products are expertly sealed to avoid water reaching the inner circuits. Though, this does not at all mean heat will influence their performance as they are built to instantly dissipate it. Kan Universal creates high-efficiency LEDs and uses an incompatible resin solution to ensure outstanding heat dissipation, even during extreme sunny days. Without any interruption, our LED screens can operate 24/7 with uncompromised efficiency.

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Popularity makes business grow. If not marketable, your product may as well not exist because then it won’t sell. Billboards on highways make a larger audience aware of your product and therefore increases the visibility of your product.

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Don't underestimate the word of mouth from the common. People talk, that is one thing every person does and if your product is displayed in a manner that it is worth remembering, they definitely talk about it to other people and that is how you increase business.

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Every shopper can see the place; an LED display screen with high-definition, detailed, colorful features will advertise vividly, which greatly attracts the shopper’s desire to buy, guide shoppers to enter the store consumption. Energy Efficient Display Screens is a plus point. LED screens are primarily used to cut down unwanted expenses from the marketing strategy and generate more profits. Our LED screens consume less power as compared to traditional screens, which makes them a perfect pick to run video ads throughout the day.

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Take advantage of the LED display’s ability to play video in high definition, plus the boldness and innovation of the video content, so that passersby or those about to come in can feel the high of the bar in advance, thus attracting more customers to come in and spend money.

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