The indoor LED screen, specifically the P2.5 indoor LED module, is a game-changer in the world of visual displays. With its 2.5mm pixel pitch, it delivers stunning high-resolution images and videos that are perfect for various indoor applications. One of its standout features is its remarkable brightness and clarity, making it an excellent choice for conferences, advertising campaigns, and any situation where intricate details need to be showcased. Whether it’s a corporate event or a retail store, this indoor LED screen ensures that your content shines with precision. What sets the P2.5 indoor LED module apart is its high refresh rate, ensuring smooth and fluid visuals. Additionally, it boasts a low power requirement, making it energy-efficient and cost-effective in the long run. Installation is a breeze, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to enhance their indoor spaces with digital content. Furthermore, its compact size makes it perfect for environments with limited space, allowing businesses to maximize their display capabilities without compromising on quality. The P2.5 indoor LED module is a reliable and effective solution for indoor digital content needs, delivering high-quality visuals that leave a lasting impression on audiences.


Product : P2.5 Indoor Series
Brand : BASIL
Type : indoor
LED Type : SMD Indoor
Pixel Pitch : P 2.5
Module Size : 320*160mm
Color : Full Color
Application : Fixed/Rental

2.Pixel Pitch2.5mm
3.Module Size320 x 160mm
4.Module Resolution128 x 64 dots
5.LED Lamp TypeSMD 1515 Black LED (3-IN-1 RGB)
6.Brightness600 – 1,200nits (Adjustable)
7.Refresh Rate1,920Hz ~ 3,840Hz
8.Greyscale16-bit (281 trillion colors) / 65,536 shades per primary colour
9.Min Viewing Distance> 2.5 meter
10.Pixel Density / m2160,000 dots
11.IP Rating

16-bit (281 trillion colours) / 65,536 shades per primary colour
12.Frame Frequency50-60
13.Life of light source(hours)100000 hrs
14.Aspect Ratio16:09
15.Duty Cycle24×7
16.Contrast Ratio3000:01


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