Types of Indoor Outdoor LED Display Screen and Essential Factors

“LED” (Light Emitting Diode) is one the most prominent discoveries of this Era which not only has to change the-day-today lives of people but also have let them to think use it as commercially also either in an informative way or some of the other ways according to their applications. LED DISPLAY is one of them. Different People have different ways of saying LED DISPLAYS. Some are as follows:

But what is LED DISPLAY?

LED DISPLAY or Screen (whatever) is the final product made from assembling of LED MODULES/SMPS/CABINETS and Controlling system or control cards. These displays are used for displaying Texts, Images and Video either in save mode or live mode according to one's requirement. These contents for display are the source of information, broadcasting or advertisements used by institutions, companies, government, etc

Now people will think what has LED DISPLAY MODULES?

Further, the led display screen is also divided into applications that are categorized as Indoor and Outdoor. Some of the few examples are as follows;

Now, these LED displays come in various pixels and can be assembled in various (customized) sizes. Lesser is the pixel, More is the clarity is the thumb rule (Though viewing distance is also considered).

For example...P10 means the person can view the content displayed on screen clearly when he’s watching from a distance of 10m (33 feet approx) whereas P3 can be viewed clearly from a distance of just 3m(10 feet). The cost is reverse proportionate to Pixel which means Lesser the pixel more is the cost. So, of course, the P3 LED Display will be more costly than the P10 LED Display.