1. VIEWING DISTANCE As the name suggests it means minimum distance from where a person will see the LED screen. Finer the pixel, closer the view can be with utmost clarity. It is the primary deciding factor for pixel of the LED screen.
  2. LOCATION This is the vital factor while choosing an LED wall. Location decides your audience showing what type of people are really engaging with your videos or your content.
  3. SIZE Size of the screen depends on your screen resolution. LED display screen needs to be bigger if its put up at a considerable distance otherwise it wont be visible to the user clearly.
  4. CUSTOMER SUPPORT/WARRANTY CONDITIONS There are hundreds & hundreds of small resellers in almost every city or state. They just sell primarily on price without thinking about after sales service or customer support. They just stop communicating after selling LED displays and hardly pick up phones or reply emails or messages. So, while choosing LED video wall, buying on price is seductive but risky as its not a small thing to invest in because once installed and if a problem occurs these resellers who have not even established location or setup hardly provide any technical help. Lower price also means the components used while making are of low quality or it could be a used product as well. So check and clear the warranty conditions with online, onsite or offsite services.