Are you thinking about purchasing an LED display screen for your business? LED displays are an excellent method to attract attention and advertise your company. Nevertheless, with so many alternatives, knowing where to begin may take a lot of work. The cost-to-performance ratio is the most crucial consideration when making any buying choice. In summary, consumers want to select the most incredible product for the best price and performance for the best application.


In this tutorial, we will go over the most critical factors to consider when purchasing an LED display screen.


What do you intend to accomplish with LED screens?


Do you wish to display advertising messages, show movies or graphics, or give clients information?


Led display screen in India is often utilised in advertising, entertainment, sporting events, concerts, conferences, trade exhibitions, and exhibits. They are also utilised as digital billboards, in gaming environments, and even as televisions or ornamental lights in houses.


Considerations When Purchasing an LED Display


Selecting the correct Led screen for outdoor advertising is critical for various reasons, including advertising, entertainment, education, and communication. LED screens are available in a variety of sizes, resolutions, brightness levels, colours, and functions, and each option influences the quality, efficiency, and efficacy of the images presented on them. The ideal LED screen should meet the user's demands and goals, be appropriate for the location and surroundings, and produce clear, vibrant, and dependable pictures or videos.


This article contains essential recommendations, variables, and considerations to assist users in making educated decisions about choosing the correct LED screen, such as viewing distance, angle, height, ambient light levels, content kinds and formats, maintenance needs, and budget constraints. Users may avoid common mistakes by following this instruction, such as splurging on needless features, underestimating technological needs, or sacrificing quality or safety standards.


How to Choose the Best LED Screen Size for Your Needs


The function and location of your LED screen will determine its size.


A bigger screen will be more noticeable if you wish to broadcast advertising messages in a busy place. A lower size may be preferable if the LED screen is used indoors.


Selecting the right LED display size for your needs and application necessitates careful consideration of various criteria. Here are some pointers to help you select the appropriate LED display size:


1. Viewing distance: The most significant consideration in establishing the proper LED display size is the viewing distance. The larger the screen size required, the greater the distance.


For example, a tiny LED display size will be perfect if the viewing distance is less than five metres. However, a bigger LED display size is necessary if the viewing distance is longer than five metres.


2. Evaluate the available area where the LED display will be mounted. Make sure the LED display matches the given space without crowding it or making it appear odd.


3. Content: Think about what kind of material will be presented on the LED panel. Various sorts of content necessitate different display sizes.


For example, a reduced display size might be selected if the display will show plain text. A greater display size is necessary if the content includes high-resolution photos or videos.


4. Budget: Another crucial element to consider is the cost of the display size. Bigger screen sizes are more costly than smaller ones.


5. Ambient light circumstances: The size of the LED display can also be affected by the ambient light conditions. Since the installation will be in direct sunlight, a higher display size is necessary to ensure visibility.


What Is Pixel Pitch in an LED Display, and How Does It Work?


Pixel pitches (dot pitches) are a critical component of an LED display. The pixel pitch of an LED display is the distance between two pixels. The pixel pitch of the LED display determines where the LED should be installed and what resolution the screen must have.


What Is the LED display screen's resolution?


The resolution is entirely responsible for the display's colour and quality. Pixel pitches, LED frames, and ideal viewing distance are the decisive factors in screen resolution. Screen resolution is one of the most important variables in determining the pricing of an LED display.


Your viewing distance and the size of the screens determine the screen resolution. You may compute your screen resolution using a simple calculation. Assume you intend to buy a P2.5 LED display with a 10 m X 5 m screen size.


The calculation you consider is:

For resolution, first, convert your meter into millimetres and then divide with pixels:

Resolution = size of the screen in mm/ pixel pitches

10 meters = 10000 millimetres

5 meters = 5000 millimetres

Pixel pitch = 2.5mm


Resolution = 10000/2.5 = 4000, 5000/2.5 = 2000

The resolution of your screen will be 4000 x 2000.


What Certification Do LED Displays Require?


When purchasing LED displays for advertising, the quality of the product is critical for return on investment. BIS is India's own regulatory agency for product quality control, assurance, safety, and dependability (Bureau of Indian Standards). Check the BIS certification for the LED display to assure product quality control. If the delivered items are not BIS approved, there may be a compromise in quality, safety, and so on.


LED Display Repair & Maintenance


The advertising sector is recognised for being the most competitive in the world, with only quality, flexibility to new technologies, creatives, and engagement allowing you to thrive. When you begin ad campaigns for your customer, you must maintain the quality of the medium through which you will conduct your whole campaign.


As a result, when purchasing LED displays for advertising purposes, servicing and maintenance are equally crucial.


Inquire with your supplier regarding service delivery for your items. If feasible, learn about your supplier's previous service history. How frequently do they start your display, and what kind of accessory replacement is included in the services? The service indicates how frequently they troubleshoot your problem.




It is critical for business owners to carefully examine the LED pixel pitch density, transparency, and resolution that will be the most cost-efficient for your company's needs—the optimal option will always be a mix of these factors vs cost.


Therefore, there are several factors to consider while selecting the best transparent LED screen. Kan Universal can assist you in determining the pixel pitch, size, and brightness that will provide the most cost-effective solution for your business!